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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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How Safe Are Women At Their Workplace in Current Time?
In the current social setting of our environment, women are not safe anywhere. There is some sort of misogyny in the air and women can sense it, which is why they feel insecure and unsafe everywhere. When certain women do not feel safe at home, what is a workplace then? Hence, I would say, women are not safe even at their workplaces in the current time. A number of cases of crimes against women at their workplace or office place are reported every day. The culprits are usually bosses, or male colleagues or even the working staff at times.
It’s not only the number of rapidly increasing rape cases or molestation incidents that make women unsafe at their work places, but also the kind of sight of certain men, their behavior, their inappropriate touch, unnecessary preferences, etc. At times, senior male colleagues tend to use women in a sexual way to promote them in their workspace. When women deny serving to these sick-minded men, they prefer manhandling women, molesting them and in certain cases, these incidents end up in taking some or the other person’s lives too.
Why does a woman need to show her feminineness, womanliness and body in order to save herself from any sort of loss or demotion in her workspace? No matter which field of work a woman chooses, there always lies a doubt in her head that even if she is in an enclosed space with a number of people around her, will it be safe for her? At times, when crimes are reported without witnesses, it is because the criminals force their junior employees to keep their mouth zipped otherwise they might lose their jobs. There exists a lot of perversion in a lot of minds which one cannot judge by just seeing people.
It is just hopeless to see our women suffer in each and every corner of our society, our environment, our structured buildings and markets, workspaces, shopping malls, movie theatres and sports complexes, religious areas too. Let us pledge to free India from this parasite living in the minds of or society’s people.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat