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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Toys are a source of a joy for child, and it should not be specific for genders. I think we should chuck the idea of gender within the child so that we can have a better outlook for both the genders in the future. Toy are first instruments a child will see in their life. They are designed for children’s, not for a boy or girl. Every child should be playing with every toy. A child must be given the toy of their choice whether a boy wants a doll or a girl wants a doll. Let them explore on their own and see what interest them to play.
We should encourage people to buy toys as per their child interest, with this a child gets freedom to explore toys without being restricted to gender roles.
It will have an impact on them that genders are equal, and they will be able to go beyond the sexism and patriarchy.
Nowadays, The toy association and company are producing gender-neutral toys . They are being promoted on larger scale and some exceptional toys are being made to make children more creative and logical towards the career and life. STEAM (Science, technology,engineering, art and mathematics) toys are gender-neutral and inclusive.
If a child play with steam toys it enables both sides of the brain, one is logical and other one is magical (artistic)side. It makes use of both sides of brain and help the child to grow.

We are responsible for certain behavior and mind set our children has in the future.If we make them believe, this toy is for girls and not for boys and vice versa . They will become what has been cultivated in their brain. Gender-neutral toys will help a child to inherent the quality of both the girls and boys. For example a girl will have a perception to make her living on her own and not to wait for a man to fulfill her needs and a boy will be not ashamed of doing household chores or looking after a baby.
Make your child aware of gender-neutral toys and let them explore freely.