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anshika agarwal
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There is sexism running in music industry too.
As music industry is famous for its melodies and groovy notes but the sad part is that the lyrics of certain songs indirectly promote sexism that is not realised by many people. The misogyny running in Indian music industry has been packaging sexism with catchy beats, popular artists, glamorous attires, megastars, spectacular dance moves and unbelievably creative video settings for so long that it seems a grand music yet bad effort of trying to strip the focus away from its sexist lyrics. And it also has reached to its goal by fooling the majority of the people for years now. One of the evergreen song ‘kabhi kabhi mere dil mai’ wants to say that a woman is sent on globe just for him and she has no purpose in her life other then him. There is a list of songs from 90s and 80s that proves sexism running in music industry. Sexism in music industry is still going on. An item song named ‘aa re pritam pyaare’ a line is there that says ‘pallu ke neeche chupa ke rakha hai utha du toh hungama ho’ this is such a bad line. If we go on deep meaning of the line it gets worst and people dance on it like fire without even noticing the lyrics. It’s so sad to see what our generation has been listening to. This sexism in music industry needs to stop now. It can inly be stopped by the efforts of both music companies as well as people listening to them.
Music influences society a lot and especially young adults and teenagers. So, the next time whosoever hears the song must know what they are listening and can sing it even with more confidence and proud.