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We can see that continuous patriarchy have already affected our girls in various ways. One of them is in education too. Girls are not considered intelligent enough to teach science or computer.most of women accept it lightly just as they accept patriarchy and if they shows interest then most of them have heard that it’s not a girls job to perform science or computer applications.
However there’s already many organisations who are offering courses for web development, specially for women online or ofline, free or paid. Some of them are-
1. Beginner full stack web development- offering HTML, CSS, React and node.
2. Whitehat jr – acknowledged as one of the best web development and coding site, specially for children.
3. Huduma- it’s an organization offering online live coding classes and web development.
4. Coursera- this organization offers not only web development, but another c programming and languages.
5. Odin school- offering a 6 month long online part time web development program.
6. Crio. Do- it’s offering another web development program with first free session(s).
7. offering practical react fundamentals.
8. Udacity – offering intermediate java script
9. Udemi – offering web developer bootcamp
10. Treehouse – providing introduction to html, css and JavaScript basis.