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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Challenges faced by female sportsperson
We are in 21st century, still we haven’t acknowledged the female sportsperson up to the par. It is not like they have started playing from now but from so many years they have playing silently marking their success secretly. Nobody was ever interested in covering their story, struggles and achievements . We have a biased society where a man is acknowledged for his little achievements. Sports is not an easy option to pick up as women still many chosen along with a lot of questions mark on their performance and career. They proved themselves, but the society was too coward to admit that she is an athlete and can make a career. Sports is male dominated till today and the clarification they give is women are not capable of playing sports. Challenges and struggles is always coming on their way as a gift from our so-called society and patriarchal male.
Why does our society break someone’s dream before even starting the journey? Why don’t we question the boys to have a career in sport industry? Because we are interwoven in web of making women grudged and degraded at every work or move she chooses for herself.
• We can enlist a number of challenges thrown at them as a sportsperson.
1. Pay disparity is the foremost issue currently faced by every other female sportsperson. Their male colleagues are paid more without been asked for the amount. But the women have to battle a long fight to make the money she deserves. Indeed, the hard work ,passion, loyalty,dedication and discipline is held same for genders but not the salary. Slow claps for the authorities for even deducting the prize money for women.
2. The kind of representation women needs when she is achieving or achieved so many milestones, It has never come to them. They feel gutted and disappointed being ignored by media industry . Yet they are hustling with a smile and making their country proud.
3. Objectification is the problem on the field also. They are questioned including everyone like commentators, coaches,colleagues and the audiences. Once Sania Mirza was trolled for her dressing while she was playing table tennis and OH! Mind you on an international level ,still people find it convenient to question her. We people never pointed out on men for their clothing while playing or practicing sports, but passing comments on women is our favorite hobby.
4.A secured future with a financial stability is not a case when it comes to female athlete. It is matter of serious discussion when a girl chooses sports as a career without having backup plan.
Despite being Challenged, and injustice baseness they are uplifting themselves in sports with grace and making commendable achievements ,setting an eye-opening examples to future sportswomen to shine without fear of others and obstacles. We can only hope that things turns around in favor of women in a sports industry with time. It can’t be revamped in a day or overnight but let’s hope for the best. Nowadays, Female sportsperson are trendsetters, and we pray that we have many more in the future.