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We all aware about the fact that , Boundations implemented on women’s only . Women expected to work according to the norms of the society this boundation have its presence in the professional field also .
If a woman is ask about her relationship status during the joining process or the interview process. There are many companies who doesn’t allow a married woman in the company. But is this rule is right ? Why should a woman is always asked about her marital status ? Why don’t company interview asked in men , did her wife will allow to let him work ? Yes this is a expected question in every interview a married woman faces . Once I seen a UPSC interview, and that the senior faculty asking that women will Your family allow you to pursue your career in this field ? I don’t think this is relevant question ? Why should a woman choose her dream according to the Will of the family. It’s her career , it’s her life she has all right to choose her path .
Asking question about marital status , specially from women is very relevant and this is creating discrimination and a sense of inequality among the society and the people of the society. In married women is always asked to wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor and if she is newly wedded she should wear chudha.
Using the honorifics Miss, Ms., or Mrs. used to be a common way to address women in a formal or business setting. Traditionally, people addressed young girls as “Miss.” They also addressed an unmarried woman as “Miss,” but then “Ms.” Became more acceptable . The term “Mrs.” originated to refer specifically to married women, but some women prefer to keep the “Mrs.” in their names even after divorce and particularly if they’re widowed.
All these practices are totally wrong and we should try to avoid all the things. Budgies talking about gender equality and justice is not enough we should take stand for that . And the relevant practices which still exist in the society we should try to you and all this.