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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well I don’t really think so. Of Course there were trends of fairness cream but I think every trend is according to the situation. But if we look clearly, beauty products are just for fulfilling the requirements of customers.
As the situations are changing we see how beauty products have evolved.
Now we can see how more knowledge and natural products are propagating.
In Fact now you can see creams for every skin type and skin colour. We see how the shade of foundations , concealers and are available in all shades and the wave of natural make up is in trend of course male up has somewhat changed beauty standards but also broken stereotypes and it’s transformed into an art.
There is less descrimination or you can say the notion behind beauty products is changed now. Earlier they only had the motive of concealing the flaws on their face but now they promote beauty.
It has become art and helped people to easily learn it and now every shade is available and it needs just a blender or brush for simple makeup.
When we are talking about beauty products let’s not forget skin care products.
Now these have been in trend recently and people are focusing on more of the nourishment to skin and glowing up of skin than to turn yourself into a fair lady. Not only this but now brands are actually promoting products for both women and men breaking the image that only women can use skin care products and men using them is unmanly. Yes there are definitely products like underarm creams and fairness cream, then oils which claim that they can make stretch marks can be vanished propagating these false promotions and making stretch marks , dark armpits , dark complexion and even underarm and pubic hair unnatural. But so far I don’t think beauty products are discriminative.