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Periods or menstruation it is a part of a woman’s life. People don’t know about how women feels when she is on her periods. With all the pain or cramps that come along with the periods women still have to do all the work . this is a topic on which the awareness has to be spread. There are many people who don’t know what menstruation is or how could it affect women’s health. Specially in rural areas of India there are peoples who think of it as a stigma and not a normal thing. There are many females who uses a dirty cloth during the time of masturbation , and some females also use soil , leaves or ashes during periods which causes infections that can be deadly for women. Due to lack of awareness they do this we all are aware about the film Padman of Akshay Kumar . That movie e to the reality of human condition in the country during her periods time. People do not buy sanitary napkin because they are very costly . Many of them are not aware about this and a country need machine like that.
There are very few percentage of women’s that use sanitary napkins to maintain the hygiene during the time of periods. At the time of puberty it’s hard for a girl to accept the changes that occurs in the body including the blood flowing out of her body they got panic or stressed about what’s happening to them and there are places where the people around that child makes her feel uncomfortable or tell her to spend her days outside the house when she is on her periods. During this time she need extra care and overprotective Ness from family and Society .This is a major topic on which the awareness is needed to be spread throughout the nation and the world.