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simran arora
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We know that some societies still do not allow women to attend schools and colleges when on their period. But the situation is far worse in rural areas or in countries like India, where poverty is high. Both food and sanitary napkin is a necessity, yet women in poverty choose food over period infection.

Period or menstruation stigma exists even in the modern world. The strains of poverty have made the situations worse for women, as mentioned in the statement. Besides educating the population about poverty stigma, the necessities of the poor have to be ensured by the human rights commission or the governments in power. Also, it would take a lot more than distributing free pads to women worldwide.

The more the poverty increases, the lesser the hygiene would sustain. Menstruation is a part of a woman’s life as soon as she hits puberty. It does not mean that a woman is dirty. Nor does it means that she should not have a right to sustain herself in society. But as we focus on poverty here, things can be difficult and troublesome.

Women in poverty may or may not use old cloth during periods. Due to such things, they are more likely to get fungal and vaginal infections, and sadly, they will not get the solution for it. It is also necessary that, along with the girl, boys should also be educated about menstruation. Taking baby steps can still help the human rights commission to complete the dream of removing period poverty and stigma. The only thing is that the duration it would take every ounce of breath to stop this culture and build a new one!