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simran arora
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Before society prevails the dominance of a working mother, there are things done within a family that set up an idea of how a woman’s life changes after having a child. It does not matter if a woman leaves her ambitions to be with her child. As a woman, I hear a lot about why I should have chosen teaching over a freelancing career or tech-savvy stuff. Often, society mentions two choices to a woman. First, a woman should either let go of her ambitions and second, she should choose a profession that fits her family time.

The traditional thoughts mention that mothers who are working do not know how to nurture a child, especially when they belong to a corporate world. We live in a world where people agree that women should be empowered, but the paradox is they should accept that parenthood is their only responsibility.

I have seen a woman whose husband told her that her job is to look after the kids. I have also heard them saying, ‘you stay at home all day, and you have one job to do.’ It is disheartening to listen to such things because parenthood is not the job of a woman alone. If a child needs XX and XY chromosomes to exist in the world, then the parent duty should equally be the responsibility of both.

Being financially independent is not seen as a necessity for a woman. The problem is the lack of support offered to women. Not every woman has a supportive family who can help her to balance her personal and professional life.

So yes, society still tries to prove that a working mother is not an efficient role model for her child. If given a little support, not only, the child can grow well, but the mother can also find her place without losing her career choices.