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Imposter syndrome refers to the one where a person starts to believe that he/she is incapable or incompetent among the others. Its the one where a person psychologically doubts their skills and abilities and consider themselves as less able than others.
Women in front of men have mostly been made feel that they’re less than a man, they are not as strong as the men, less intelligent than the men etc etc.
A woman is forced to believe her as less than a man, due to the beliefs that’ve been fitted into a woman’s mind, shw tends to get the imposter syndrome. It all sometimes effects a woman’s mental health to such an extent that it results in actually making her feel week. Despite external evidence of their competence, those experiencing this phenomenon remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve all they have achieved. Women who’ve been successful and independent can also be a conviction to this syndrome.
To overcome imposter syndrome women can;
1. Seprate feelings from facts: psychology says that when you tend to feel the imposter syndrome hitting you, try to feel those feelings instead of avoiding them, observe them, be mindful of them and be ready with the response.
2. Take note of your accomplishments: constantly remind yourself about even the slightest of your accomplishments and remind yourself that you are capable of doing what you think you can.
3. Stop comparing: stop comparing yourself with others and remind yourself that everyone is different and everyone isn’t perfect.