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anshika agarwal
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The digital gender divide is the difference between groups with access to technology and the internet and those without.Girls and women often have less access to technology as compared to boys and men. Particularly in developing countries girls and women struggle to afford technology access. In addition to this there are a lot of stereotypes running around that says technology is for boys and not for girls. By not having equal access to technology and the internet girls and women are not able to equally participate in our ever more digital societies. Holding back girls and women in this area affects every aspect of their lives and themselves too and including their ability to speak out and campaign on issues that affect them. The gender technology gap also negatively impacts countries potential for economic growth and development. Digital knowledge is as important as traditional knowledge of things. Digital knowledge for girls should began from their school days so that they will not lack in any field. Technology can also be a powerful tool for girls to become social media activists and bring change on issues that affect their lives. Social media platforms helps activists to reach a wide audience and organise action towards common causes and raise their voice. Girls should have a right to be safe online and be free to speak up without any kind of harassment. There is a need to reduce digital gender divide. Women should have equal right like men.