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simran arora
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In general, the gender divide is a talk show in the entire world; especially, when the stats of income vary a lot. As mentioned, the covid-19 has jeopardized the opportunities for women in the everyday scenario. I agree that before covid, things were better. There was connectivity and a chance to engage with the world.

We can say that the digital gender divide imposes an alarming situation because it is still literate and as essential as any other literacy source. The covid-19 world has changed the circumstances of every field. Now when each thing is available online, the connectivity, in general, has become effective. However, the situation is not the same for every group in society. The rural areas have been affected the most as whatever progress the education or world culture had made is zero. There may or may not be Internet in every region, and that is the challenging part. Most of the available jobs in today’s time boost online/digital productivity, only with a lesser woman.

Meanwhile, women and other groups have lost connectivity with the world outside. The digital gender divide has been impacting the world’s economic growth. Also, if we focus on the covid-19 impact on the digital gender divide, then the focus shifts to increased sexism and less or no economic opportunities for women.

It seems the gender inequality is a never-ending phenomenon. No matter wherever you are, you will face this once in your lifetime. One can say the world has been following a gospel of gender inequality and continues to perform it irrespective of the consequences.