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anshika agarwal
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It’s completely an illusion that society is becoming more accepting of stay at home dads. In today’s era men are also taking their responsibilities seriously like women and for that if they have to be stay at home dad they are fulfilling it nicely. But still society sees these responsibilities of women and if men do the same then they think him as servant of his wife. Our society is not at all ready to accept them. Men are becoming this by their own choice for helping their partner. Stay at home dads are facing a lot of challenges in their life. They have to face the stereotypes and stigmas running in the society which questions on their masculinity. They are treated as lazy and workless. They get lack of support not only from the society but also from their own family members which results in demotivating stay at home dads. As most of the children are taken cared by their mothers so it becomes these dads uncomfortable when they have to talk to other children’s parents at school meetings because most of them are women. One study says that it can be harder emotionally for male dads to shift themselves from working at their jobs to stay at home dads. These dads have found a higher levels of depressive symptoms than women. These dads have strong relationships with their partners as they both can understand each other more. Stay at home dads also results in stronger child and fathers relationship. They have mutul understandings. Stay-at-home dads can help to positively alter perceptions of masculinity, caregiving, and fatherhood. It’s the choice of the family and the dads whether they want to stay at home or not, so society should keep their nose away from other people’s life. They should be more accepting stay at home dads and encourage other working dads too.