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It’s very sad to say that most of the female, specially in India, don’t possess the initial awareness about their own health.
First, in our society, it’s a stigma going on and on that talking about sex or sex related topics or some genital disease, is a disgrace to society. We should not discuss about it in front of everyone. Only the closest one and people having same sex are allowed to do so, in private though. So, there’s a scarcity of awareness between children or even in some adults about genital disease.
Second, if we talk on women specially, it’s much harder for them. As usually our Indian woman are not even supposed to raise her voice or talk in between the regular conversation. How can we expect to talk freely on female disease?
Even some female never talk about periods with that child who didn’t have her puberty yet. As a result even regular monthly periods seems more frightening.
About female disease like, having bone damage due to deficiency of calcium, most women are not even aware or possess the perfect information regarding it. Women who have, lack to serve own self. Whether it’s working women or housewife, our society expect women to work more and more and serve their families and children. Even sometimes we get to hear the quotes like, what a woman’s life after marriage! Women should serve selflessly Or, serving family, bearing children is the utmost duty for a woman to serve. So, basically it’s not only our expectation ,but we order that a mother or a wife has no right to think and care about herself, all she has to do is to serve her family. We somehow treat women like a child bearing machine, but forget about the general awareness about proper health care. In survey, it’s proved that 93% of death at the time of child birth happens due to some easily recoverable disease, already existed in women body like increase of heart rate, anemia, high pressure or misguided abortion.
In case of genital disease like vaginal cancer, vaginal cest, breast cancer are the most ignored facts in our women society. Lacking of sense of proper hygiene during periods or child birth leads to fatal disease. But the worst case is, these facts are not only true about the women from rural region, it’s an explicit truth in the most parts of our society.
Either women don’t have awareness or they’re not applying it into daily basis. As a result, disease like breast and vaginal cancer are spreading like worms in our society, resulting women fatalities and a disturbing sex ratio.
So, if we want a proper women empowerment, it’s an absolute necessity for government to take strict measures and abolish the social stigmatization about female disease.