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Yash Tiwari
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Crime is a critical area of our life. It has become the part and parcel of our society that the crime rate has increased tremendously over the past decade. The problem of rape is being discussed and debated in public with the new sources of media, especially social media. Comprehensive sex education with the lessons of consent is the key to stop rape incidents rather than self-defense. Self-defense skills for girls can be made compulsory within a certain period, considering the current scenario, but the root cause of this problem has to be solved which involves standing up against the people involved in this chain and not blaming girls. The most important thing is to impart self-defense training to girls and women so that they can protect themselves from the current scenario of rising crimes against them. The rape and murders of innocent girls have been taking place in broad daylight. Even though police arrests the culprits, it’s a very long procedure to punish a person. While protecting oneself is important, self-defense training is needed to make us safe from crime on the streets.

In developed countries, self-defense is already taught in girls’ schools. Nowadays, parents are opting for schools that offer self-defense training to their daughters.
But now this training must be compulsorily made available in schools, as most crimes against women take place in campuses and public places like streets and public transport. Every girl should surely have the right to protect themselves; as is the case in some regions of India.

While there are many laws urging girls to not go out alone at night or travel to certain places. They don’t have the physical knowledge or skills to protect themselves from dangerous situations. Schools must be made to compulsorily learn self-defense for girls of age groups 12 -16 years. Training shall be imparted by a certified person. Considering this, self-defense for girls should be made compulsory at schools. First and foremost, it would help them to gain confidence and to create a sense of security in their minds. Then it will also teach them how not to feel guilty or helpless if they are sexually assaulted.