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‘ Being mother is a dream, every woman has’
‘Motherhood is a blessing’
‘Being mother and look after your children is a woman’s first duty’
Recognized those lines?
Yes, even we ourselves said this to someone either as a greeting or an advice of life.
But have we ever asked that woman how she’s feeling? Does she really want to be mother now?
Motherhood is a very tough never ending duty which starts from pregnancy. A woman has to go through a lot of pain, complications, hormone exaggeration, mood swings, changing body, mind and everything through those 10 months and even after delivery. A pain which can never be imagined. And after that you have to manage with your dreams, careers, rest, feelings for upbringing of your child.
So when a woman is sacrificing most of her for sake of her child, shouldn’t she be given a choice to conceive?
We as a mother, sister and female never talk about this choice. We’re just following that routine society has given us. To us, it’s more necessary to follow the rules than be happy. And then just declare to do everything as she wanted it. And if she doesn’t want to, she will be declared as ‘selfish’,’highly modern’. Even in some Indian family, it’s seen that wives are being tortured for it. Even some are reaching at violence.
Why don’t anybody understand, if it’s her body then choice should be hers. It’s not a unwritten contract with family, she is not a reproductive robot. Doesn’t her life stands above the suppression of having a child?