Obstinate and soft at the same time, flexible and stubborn on according platforms, practical and emotional on the same line, yes a woman can go through any situation and can efficiently sought it out happily. Walking down the same street what she leaves on the footpath are her own remains while she steps forward looking after others. If you have read the Adam and Eve’s story you may know that Eve (woman) was made out of the flesh of Adam (man) only. She was delicate and less strong than him physically. Even though we say that woman is really strong but as she grows older she loses her body immunity and strength gradually. So it is really important for a woman to be concerned towards her health and hygiene especially.

When we talk of hygiene then what we exactly mean is about menstrual hygiene, which is way very important and must be taken care of. It’s true that still in this century many of our country’s ladies are not familiar with practice of using sanitary napkins. If you have good hygiene value, you may be shocked to know that 88% of women in India are still dependent of substitutes like cloth, ashes, husk etc. Not every family of our country leads basic life. Some don’t even have roofs above them, some who have, are in such areas that breeds ground for every disease- slum areas, and it would not be wrong saying that many women are there who have good home to live, nice clothes to wear and delicious food to eat but they still lack the menstrual hygiene sense, even the teens and girls. Many don’t even bother about this thing, but it is really a very significant and crucial part of one’s life.

There is no one else who will make you do this but you yourself have to be keen regarding your health. Use good sanitary napkins. Wash yourself regularly and properly, otherwise it breeds germs. Don’t use a single napkin for very very long time, get it changed timely. If you are having any sort of problems related to your sexual health, never hesitate to consult a doctor fast. You may think that these are very common steps, but trust me this is to be taken care off. Poor hygiene can make suffer from cervical cancer, fungal infections, and reproductive tract infection or may be urinary tract infection. One another important thing is the disposal of these napkins. I myself have seen that many of the hostlers have very poor disposal sense, which is very ugly I should say. So, do remember that you need to dispose these off in proper manner or they will cause infection for surrounding people and also a foul and unpleasant environment.

So, I guess you may have understood my perspective that your health is really important and when it comes to this fragment it is surely to be sensitive with. So follow these crimson rules and be menstrual hygienic.