This is for all those chitter-chatter boxes that question a woman’s decision making. This is for all those who question woman’s sudden instinct. This is for all those doubting minds that don’t rely on a woman’s resolving power. This is a strong answer to all those who say that woman gets fumble quite easily. This is a lock to those mouths that say that woman’s nervousness ruins everything.

Suppose you are driving at quite a high speed and suddenly you come across another vehicle that will result in a head-on-head collision in no time. Its very difficult to manage yourself in such a situation and take a hold on it. At times the experienced one may also go strained. It requires immense confidence and alertness to take a view like this in your hand. And now imagine what a pressure a pilot would be under while flying over places with the responsibility of so many passengers. It demands courage and fortitude.

A recent about to miss-hap hit the headlines that came up with a truly inspirational beauties. News read that, ‘the Air India airway flight carrying around 109 passengers was flying at the same altitude as that of Vistara Airways which had some what 152 people in it. Both the flights, going in opposite direction, came up to 100 feet close and was about to become the raw ingredients of a really serious air crash in the recent times. But luckily this crash was dodged by the Air Indian flight’s female pilot. She, in just a few seconds after analyzing the whole situation readily carried her airplane upwards. And so actively the other woman pilot of Vistara airways put her efforts to have that entire scene be handled safely.’

These lines showed how readily and actively both the women acted upon that critical situation and had that whole scene under control. This really rules out that stereotype that woman under critical situations run nervous. This is of great happiness and to be proud of news that supports the woman empowerment truly. Both of them have marked that women are no less than men, be it any anything.

These were actually the flying beauties, commanding the sky!