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    “Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation.”- Virginia Woolf. Share your thoughts upon this statement.

    Manpreet Singh
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    In the next generation, a mother transfers traditions, values, and meaning. It builds the next group of leaders of a nation. I can’t imagine a more impactful career that could be described by those duties. However, there are some women who sit behind a central board and evaluate women who wish to raise a family rather than have a career outside their homes. To be honest, some of these women are just bitter and unpleasant. These remarks are loaded with vitriol and obvious discontent for a woman who said that a woman who decided she wanted to raise a family had nothing wrong with them. For women, feminism has done amazing things and pushed a lot of social limits.
    Personally, I believe that women should be free to live their lives as they decide. If a young woman wants to obtain training and has more authority in her work. If a woman chooses to marry and have children and is validated like this, she has more authority. If a woman wishes for a family and a profession as well as a team, she and her husband will discover a means to increase her strength. Do those feelings not have to be shared by modern feminists? There is no way a family can be raised in a single manner. Some feminists however operate in such a way that women who want to stay at home dismantle the movement completely. Rather, do they not simply reinforce the conviction that a woman can choose to live her own life? Unfairness arises from a society framework, not only men, that most women at the time believed. But she not only believes it is society but knows that this inequality is created by puts social norms and pressure on individuals to perform a specific thing. It is not simply a small part of society. Furthermore, she asks for societal change and reform to eventually eliminate this issue once and for all.

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