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Afshan Iqbal
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In October 2018, the Me Too movement against sexual abuse and harassment perpetrated by powerful men in society reached India. A number of women came out with allegations of harassment on social media and other platforms. Me too movement in India was started by Tanushree Dutta who accused Nana Patekar of sexual misconduct in a professional work area. The Internet has become a powerful media and many women via this #Metoo campaign have raised their voice against harassment. It made a big impact on women across the country and women who were harassed came out in numbers and raised their voices.
Although this movement gained a lot of attention it still failed in India because of the number of flaws in it.
1. It became a movement that didn’t solve any problem. Only voices were raised and nothing much was done to solve this problem of harassment for women across the country. It merely became a social media movement and didn’t reach the grounds.
2. During the Me too movement fake cases were also noticed. This brought a question mark on the credibility of a woman who was harassed. It gave the idea that all men are rapists and all women are innocent, which is completely false.
3. It was also questioned why those women didn’t file a police complaint and were only raising their voices on social media when instead they should have filed complaints at the time it happened.
4. Accusations were made without any witnesses or other pieces of evidence to prove their accusations.
5. Media got TRP for some time and they couldn’t get justified answers for viewers. So gradually they diverted their attention to some other points.
6. Due to the fake accusers, the real ones couldn’t get justice.
7. It wasn’t completely fake but some people made it fake and meaningless.
It failed in India because it took a negative turn and through this movement, we learned a message that women need to be strong enough to stand for themselves. They need to speak up right away.