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Afshan Iqbal
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A very important topic indeed where both the proposals are valid. Women need self-defense training but at the same time what is the government doing for our safety that we need to be trained to protect ourselves? I feel the Government will never be able to provide us full safety so it’s up to us now that we should be trained and protect ourselves.
Every day there are numerous crimes against women, some are reported, some aren’t. Rape, molestation, eve-teasing, acid attacks, dowry deaths, what not! We are always relying on the judiciary to give the deserving punishment to the culprits but hardly does it happen that a criminal deserves a punishment that he should. So, it’s on us to protect ourselves and stop the crimes from happening. Girls should learn to protect themselves and schools should include self-defense training in the curriculum. If self-defense training is included in the school curriculum it will help children to be shielded from abuse and violence. Crimes like child trafficking and child-abusing are rapidly increasing, rape, acid attacks and molestation with girls are increasing every day too so it will be a big step to curb these crimes. There are more perks such as a woman who has self-defense training does not need anyone to protect her. On top of that, she can help others in times of distress. Empowering women with these self-defense techniques along with education will raise the possibility of a safer world. Self-defense classes will boost the confidence of women. That will help women to protect themselves from unseen dangers. With focusing on education, institutions should also focus on self-defense. Self-defense training is the need of the hour because our safety is in our hands.