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Manpreet Singh
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Technology and the Internet could help girls but many people are prevented from utilizing and developing digital tools and online content because there are few opportunities, expertise, and fear of prejudice. Girls and young women require equitable access, digital education, and online security in order to achieve gender equality. The differences between groups with access to technology and the Internet and the outside are the digital divide or technological gap. Girls and women frequently have less Internet and technology than men and boys. Girls and women are struggling to provide technology and Internet access, especially in impoverished nations.
Furthermore, technology stereotypes “for kids” and fear of discrimination prevent girls from using digital equipment. In the world’s least-developed countries the gender digital divides* in internet access persist at 32.9%. In Africa, the Internet gap is worse, while in South Asia, women are 26 percent less likely to hold a mobile phone* in terms of mobile phone ownership than men. Girls and women can’t engage equally in our increasingly digital societies without equal access to technology and the Internet. It affects all elements of your lives to retain girls and women in this region. Moreover, girls and women may exacerbate existing disparities if they are not participating in generating digital tools and online content. The gender gap also has a negative impact on economic growth and development opportunities in countries. In 3 years’ time, if another 600 million women had connections to the Internet, global GDP would increase from $13 to $18 billion*. More than 90% of the world’s jobs already have a digital component*, and most jobs will demand advanced digital expertise soon. Governments equip girls with digital skills by prioritizing ICT education. Technology may also be a strong instrument for girls to become activists and change their issues. For example, social media platforms enable activists to contact a large crowd and organize actions for common reasons.