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Manpreet Singh
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If you are going to live life on your own terms, financial independence is just as crucial for a woman as-is for a man. At this time, the woman is the nurse and the guy the provider, there can be no assurance for a festive marriage. Moreover, because women who have equal chances are no longer satisfied with the domestic front. I also believe that this duty of the housekeeper should be an option to choose rather than a “major.” The worst feeling of ever is that you throw it in your face and live off your lover. Women, in particular professionals, need to manage their finances alone. Time is vital for this, as is the profession and the family’s tasks. Women usually became self-sufficient in financial management and rely on life partners as other life responsibilities take over (esp. motherhood). But financial management itself will not only provide trust but will also ensure its monetary future.
Women should also become interested in financial investments so that they are not misleading easily. Financial independence and management are of primary importance for them because of the changing social structure and increased divorce rates. Emotional beings are women. It’s in your DNA to feed. And so, when they have to compromise their well-established careers for a family, they don’t think twice. Being a homebuilder does not mean that you have lost your independence, but when you are treated with something that contributes nothing to the family, the problem arises.
Although we live in the 21st century, because of the gender gap there is enormous economic inclusion. We are getting towards a stage when more digital money is available and women who possess bank accounts are inadequate compared with men. Why is that like that? There is a trend in which married ladies do not even have their own savings account. My neighbour mentioned that her husband transformed her into a joint account. Set up a bank account, learn how to use net banking and online cash transactions as well. Start to save – better than nothing whatever how modest the amount is! Most of us are aware of the importance of insurance. Request life insurance for your spouse and health insurance. Education and marriage plan and start saving for children. See some great savings methods in this regard. Before going for such schemes or insurances, always consult respected firms. As they say, before they invest, read all documents clearly. Be updated on this industry’s shifting scenario.