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Yash Tiwari
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Women are a lot less often than men in making the decisions to spend and save for the household. Men can earn salaries while being involved with their family that is why women are not having any financial management skills. Women no longer tend to take care of their family’s health because of their own busy schedules in pursuing career opportunities. This is the reason why most women are constantly deceiving themselves into thinking that they can take everything and still be able to care for their families.

Women still face many challenges that limit future economic opportunities. One of these is the limited financial guidance women are provided in life and the lack of education regarding their finances and investing. So what are the reasons “behind the scenes” that hold women back from making serious money-related decisions? Lack of confidence, lack of education, lack of encouragement or support, fear of loss, aversion to risk, etc. Many women take these things for granted and think it is something that they cannot change. I guess when they are used to not being in charge of things it’s hard to take charge. They say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

This is not a plea for women to take their places at the head of various corporations, although they are more than welcome to do so; but rather, it is to highlight the general worthiness in financial independence and continued learning and experience based upon this independence. While there is no need for a woman in business or occupations traditionally held by men, why should there be any disadvantage for homemaker-women who choose to work in an area which makes them financially independent and keeps their minds active?

Being a homemaker is a noble and important career. The world needs more homemakers than ever and we are incredibly lucky to have such strong women around us, who often go unrecognized for their selfless contributions to society. But I feel that while women’s rights have come a long way – not only in terms of high paying career prospects and equal weight given to their opinions – but also in gaining a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a child happy, the issue of homemaking that it is one of the scriptural duties of women. Yet we cannot consider homemaking independent of economic realities and obligations, especially in today’s circumstances.

However, we also need to recognize that this blinkered ambition can take its toll. To support their families financially, women might miss out on the chance to live a rich life with purpose. The rise of feminism has given women in the West more choices when it comes to how they spend their time and how they define themselves. Many women have taken advantage of these opportunities and gone on to find fulfillment in many endeavors beyond the workplace, from homemaking to art to volunteerism. What matters most is not what you do, or even whether you earn a lot of money. It is how much you value yourself. Vastly more women have become financially independent by staying at home than have done so by going to work.