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Women are not considered funny because women are expected to be generous, sensitive and shy, that’s the definition to a cultured woman. Women are supposed to be beautiful, shy, sensitive, generous etc. etc. A funny woman is not considered as cultured. A funny woman in general terms is considered mannerless or rude.
Every person in the whole world have his/her own personality be it funny, serious, cool, hot, sharp etc. Everyone is described with the personality they possess. A woman is basically made to be described with a sweet, humble, generous, sensitive nature of hers whereas a man is always described by his humor and sharpness in nature. In reality there should be division to the personality type a human chooses to have. The natural process of possessing a personality should not be considered as a basis of creating gender inequality among people.
There exists plenty of women who chooses stand-up comedy as their career, they are extraordinarily hilarious and are able to throw great humor among the society, sometimes even better than men, but are they respected as much as men? No, they’re not.
People need to start to accept humans as they are be it funny, nerd or serious. Let’s stop being judgemental and create a better world for each and every living being living on this planet.