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Apoorva Pathak
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Pride month is celebrated in June since 1969.this is celebrated to uplift the LGBTQ+ community its culture and support them. The rainbow colour flag was created by gilbert baker in 1978. Each colour in the flag designates its meaning. Red is symbolic of life, orange is for spirit, yellow is for sunshine, green is for nature, blue is for harmony and purple is for the spirit.
It is really important to know about these groups as they are also human. They discriminated against based on their sex, they are even exploited in public places. Recently Madras high court directed the union of social justice and empowerment to enlist non-governmental organisations that could counselling, support and legally assist and protect the laws
for the LGBTQ+ community.
Even in U.S supreme court allowed 50 states to make legal same-sex marriage in 2015. There are many campaigns for HIV/AIDS in these community. This month is to tell people and make them aware of these community and their rights. In the U.S bill, Clinton was the first president to recognise the LGBTQ+ community and during the Barack Obama administration, they begin celebrating June as pride month.
Even today schools are telling children about this society and making them well aware. The concept behind this month also makes diverse and inclusive society and to understand each other well and their needs. 2021 theme of this month thrives with pride. In India many companies have set up friendly relations with LGBTQ+ to follow non-discrimination policy, expanding cultural mindset, appreciating LGBTQ+ talent and many more. this will create employment and a safe work environment in India. As we all in some stereotype families it is considered illegal and worst form. But we need to accept this we need to change our thinking pattern into the modern one. To create a better future for all.