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  • Amisha

    Speed up access to COVID-19 tests, medicine and vaccines

    A top priority in 2021 will be to continue our work across the four pillars of the ACT-Accelerator, to achieve equitable access to safe and effective vaccines, tests, and treatments and to ensure that health systems are strong enough to deliver them. Getting effective tools to everyone who needs them will be key to ending this first, acute phase of the pandemic, and to solve the health and economic crises it has caused.
    At the end of 2020 there are a number of promising tools in the pipeline, thanks to an unprecedented speed of innovation. One immediate challenge is to source the remaining crucial funds needed to get these tools everywhere they are needed.

    Targets for the ACT-Accelerator in 2021 include: distributing 2 billion vaccines; 245 million treatments; establishing testing for 500 million people in low- and middle-income countries; and strengthening the health systems needed to support them.

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