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    “Parliament has extensively debated the issue of marital rape and considered that it was not an offence of rape. Therefore, it can’t be considered as a criminal offence,” bench of justices MB Lokur and Deepak Gupta said.

    This brings us the question if marriage in India is a contract for legal sex, among other things where men doesn’t ask for permission and is free to impose himself on wife. Apparently, being married means you can’t be raped! Actually, it isn’t a man’s fault. Because no man is born with these morals. They are TAUGHT. You can’t file a complaint against your husband, though it would be considered as an act of reprimandation!


    People who say, Women’s strength comes from ‘carrying out children’ , ‘raising family’ and ‘holding relationships firm’, impeach actual strength of women. I am not biased against gender but law. Everytime you don’t raise a voice against unjust, you’re unintentionally raising a man that genuinely believes ‘This is what a woman should be like!’


    It is estimated that,

    It’s not about women superiority, but about suppressed gender getting equal right. Veraciously speaking, men too are emotional and I am not going beyond to put stone upon their emotions but about what isn’t right.

    As Mahatma Gandhi truly quoted “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    And you’re the only one who would be worried about changing the rest will follow.


    These words are touching my heart and getting out with my tears, this situation or whatever tends to martial rape is not good. Not for just person but for everyone …….#greatwords and efforts


    A good perspective of the topic and really appreciating your efforts. I would like to give my opinions too.

    Firsty a rape is a rape a serious criminal offence be it martial or not. It is a damn offence surely. Marrige is not just a relationship two people follows it is considered as a sacred bonding of two persons two familes or maybe two cultures. It’s not like having lisence for sex no it isn’t. It is a rape if man wothout her lady’s permission even after marrige impose himself on other.Agreeing to you, its not only man’s fault,the problem itself lies within our own society. Men are taught to be strong more supurior than women in every aspects but this is totally wrong. The women are considered as goddess in our society. They are truely the symbol of power. Raising families,children,holding relationship like you said are truely symbol of women empowerment. This should be change – the perception about womens’ power,the cultures teaching foolish moral of man dominating over women everything like this.Every citizen be it man women old or youngs have equal rights and are equal so why these differences ? The tongues of some cannot decide the fate of any women niether her work or her silence. These people are not the judges judging and giving the only rights which suits them. To change all this we should be the change after all this is now our time to lay a more better path to upcoming generations.


    A good perspective of the topic and really appreciating your efforts. I would like to say that Marrige is not just a relationship two people follows it is considered as a sacred bonding of two persons two familes or maybe two cultures. It’s not like having lisence for sex no it isn’t. It is a rape if man wothout her lady’s permission even after marrige impose himself on other.i think it is not fair on part of woman. So,supreme court and other authorities should heed to this issue and make marital rape legal..


    A good prespective and a good start for a new thaught. It is not a matter only a girl who we know, so many women have become victim for the martial rape.

    Martial rape, people think that the got a licence to do evrything they want with their women either respectively or forcefully but they just want to fulfill their desire. Being attached forcefully is not only the martial rape but harassing a woman mentally or socially by her husband can also be considered as martial rape. We are in a developing country but still there are some undeveloped or scheduled villages who think who allow those person to marry the girl they raped. But now this will not work, we the YOUTH has to take the responsibility to overcome this offence. Women do not oppose their husband even after beimg raped and the reason behind is ‘The Society'(samaj).
    Women always try to maintain their as well their families respect in society so they do not do what they actually wants. But if the law is not ready to take the responsibility against this offence then we will take the responsibility. We are youth and the youth power is the powerful force I know. It is so important to aware the women about their power so they can oppose this offence. A women is the only who can make a person and can destroy him.


    No, why Marital rape its a crime. Whether its inside marriage or outside. Rape is a rape, So what if girls are married, So what Men think they have got an official license from family or society to do whatever u want to do, with Women. Women are a human being who has life in them, not a piece of the object that after marriage Man can use Women however they want. Because Men in India knows that after marriage Women never open their mouth n suffer silently inside the door.
    Marriage is a beautiful relationship, between two people…Marriage is not meant only physical relationship, it’s beyond it. It’s pure relationship when their understanding, trust among the couples, the most important thing, Man should know to respect her Wife, in any way. If she’s not comfortable, Your touching her so step back.. don’t force her.


    Being married doesn’t change the social rules. Just because a woman said “I do” to marriage doesn’t mean that she has said “I do” to sex whenever, wherever, and however her husband wants it. Married sex, like all intimate, loving sex is consensual. It is a way that two people who love each other express love and caring and communicate tenderness.


    Marital rape is a serious violation of human right. I strongly feel that without the wive’s consent, the husband cannot force her to have sexual intercourse with him. Men in society have for long felt that they can force and dictate women for whatever they want, be it by not allowing them to pursue their career after marriage, by limiting them to the walls of household, by making excessive demands on them to forcing sex against their will. The men must understand that a ‘No’is a no, be it in a situation outside marriage or within it. The issue of marital rape must be correctly addressed by the judiciary.It is a part of domestic violence against women. In a time when we talk about women’s rights and women empowerment, it is very important to come up to a solution to this heinous crime.


    i guess, marrying someone doesn’t means you are selling yourself to that person. with you want to be close to its all a person’s individual decision and every one should respect that. sleeping with or satisfying some one’s fancies is not what we call marriage. ‘no’ means ‘no’ whether its a call of a wife to husband or any unmarried women.


    I have read all the above thoughts and what other people think. I am afraid that people yelling for egalitarianism think only women get raped. I know the number and vulnerability associated with women is more than a man. But I think we also need to let our focus go through men getting raped.

    Above from culture , marriage, religion, and everything . Rape is rape whether it is with a man or a woman . Nobody is allowed to force his or her sexual desires on other without consent .

    Another thing what do you guys think criminalising will solve the problem.There are no parameters yet to confirm who is getting raped.

    How can you ensure a woman saying she got raped under the veil of marriage has actually got raped ?

    It’s up to the reader you can consider me a misogynist or a male chauvinist. But a voilence is considered as voilence when it is applied on both the sexs ( considering binary only) as humiliation.

    There are more than one facet to this problem.

    #Think Equality

    Piyu Radadiya

    Marital rap isn’t legal .I guess marrying someone is life’s most beautiful thing. Marital rape is vey thing. I feel that without the wife consent, the husband cannot force her to have sexual intercourse with him. There is no right to anyone to force women for anything to do.

    Darshini Suresh

    I feel marrying someone doesn’t give the right to the opposite person to dominate your will. You still have your own identify, your own intellect. If a woman doesn’t want to get intimate after marriage, it’s her choice and someone forcing her to do so just because of the title put ( marriage) should be stated illegal too. These words, oh my god I don’t know when all this would change but I strongly oppose on it.


    In a country where there’s no sex education to teach the youth and old people what consent is, how to practice safe sex, and anything about women’s pleasure, it would be even more impossible to believe that marital rape IS criminalized.

    In India, it is a known fact that everyone prioritizes family over other people, and once a woman is married into another family, it is her duty to serve her husband and in-laws and keep mum and bear all the atrocities they commit against her; whether it be domestic violence, slave treatment or marital rape.

    It is thrust upon the young woman that it is her obligation to fulfill her husband’s sexual desires whenever he wants it and comply silently. The only job the woman must do is give birth to the baby that comes from it.

    It is most probable that men in India don’t know what consent or respect means because they are nurtured from childhood to believe that they are superior, and women can be smashed down upon, and still, no one would stand up for them. This is why boys catcall, comment on women’s attire and behavior like they have the right to do so, touch a woman inappropriately because he believes she is ‘asking for it.’

    All these actions disseminate rape culture, which ultimately leads them to believe that women are under their control because they are weaker and cannot and will not retaliate. There are many cases of marital rape that go unreported either because it is deep-rooted in both the parties as something normal and part of the culture, or because the law has no solution to it since it is not criminalized. Either way, many women suffer in silence when a man that they’re supposed to trust the most betrays them like this.

    In India, consensual sex means nothing. Only marital sex is correct. Thus, even if two parties have consensual pre-marital sex, it is considered a crime, whereas non-consensual sex behind closed doors of a married household is considered normal and turned a blind eye to.

    It is almost as if marriage is a legal sanction to have sex. 🙂

    But now a lot more people are coming forth against marital rape, and women are empowered to leave the toxic households. The younger generations are putting in the effort to learn about consent safe sex, too. But it is not enough. Unless and until there’s a law that protects victims and ensures proper punishment for those who commit it, India will not progress. Sex education is very important in this country right now and much needed.

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