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Hey Madhuri, really today picked up a very valuable and a sensitive topic. I appreciate it.
Menstruation period is not a big issue but it becomes a issue when women have to face the problems during their periods. Everyone know that during periods women feel sensitive physically but the problem they have to face is tha mental stress the have during their periods.
Mainly the problem is to hide their periods from others. Women have to buy sanitary napkins in black bags as they dont want men to notice them. The menstruation is the first step or reproductive life of a women. In over country reproductive phases are considered to be as a crime. It can be discussed only in privacy. Some Men seeing the girl in menstrual period thinks about the only sexual harasses.
Now the main issue begins, from here the menstruation become the sensitive issue.
A question arises here “Why these men do so? ”
Its all because of lack of menstrual education. In my opinion not only the menstrual education but the sex education should also be concerned in our country.
The incomplete information about the menstrual period is the main cause due to which women are facing menstrual problems. Anyone either a man or a woman should not put down their eyes when talking about menstrual. Education must be like this, that the people get awared about the problems women facing during. Our government should look into this problem and solve this as soon as possible, to finish all the negativity about these type of topics permanently.