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As far this concern,menstruation is still a taboo in our country.This issue is something which is not discussed openly.There is no shame of having periods seriously. It’s a natural biological cycle which every female on the planet face.

If not taken care upon can leads to serious impacts.Vaginal cancer,inflamation,it do hurt. Unhealthy practices, unhygienic sanitary can cause more severe harms rather then cure. I am not saying not to belief in old rituals and practices but we should also see to change, to the present. It ahould be understood using pads, having periods is not taboo. It should be look upto and should take care upon. Womrn as they are coming up and should say it loud express it loud, they are real strong. I also recommend to go and watch the movie Padman,it’ll surely open up eyes to view PERIODS as only a natural phenomenon and women are serious brave to face all alone by themselves keeping them just invisible as said.

Apart from this very well described the problem here by you Madhuri. I genuinly follow your articles,poems,etc and i love the way you go through each aspects and content,always upto the mark