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Even after 70 years of independence, India hasn’t become totally free as it’s girls still fear to travel alone and move freely. There is hardly any day when there is no news about a woman being stalked,raped,kidnapped, sexually harassed or molested. Indian girls and women fear while going to school, fear travelling to work,etc. A girl thinks more than ten times to go out in the night. Even the parents feel scared to send their daughters out alone. The fear that someone will harm their daughters lead parents to pose several restrictions on them. This is also one of the main reasons that girls aren’t able to pursue higher education in India and take up careers. The government has surely made attempts to make travel safe for women by introducing women only compartments in metro, hiring female cab and auto drivers but more steps such as strict punishment to those who are caught in such crimes must be taken so that all the girls can come out of this horror. And most importantly,the parents must bring up their sons by teaching them to respect women. The day when violence against women stops and every girl feels free is the day when India will truly become independent.