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A good prespective and a good start for a new thaught. It is not a matter only a girl who we know, so many women have become victim for the martial rape.

Martial rape, people think that the got a licence to do evrything they want with their women either respectively or forcefully but they just want to fulfill their desire. Being attached forcefully is not only the martial rape but harassing a woman mentally or socially by her husband can also be considered as martial rape. We are in a developing country but still there are some undeveloped or scheduled villages who think who allow those person to marry the girl they raped. But now this will not work, we the YOUTH has to take the responsibility to overcome this offence. Women do not oppose their husband even after beimg raped and the reason behind is ‘The Society'(samaj).
Women always try to maintain their as well their families respect in society so they do not do what they actually wants. But if the law is not ready to take the responsibility against this offence then we will take the responsibility. We are youth and the youth power is the powerful force I know. It is so important to aware the women about their power so they can oppose this offence. A women is the only who can make a person and can destroy him.