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A good perspective of the topic and really appreciating your efforts. I would like to give my opinions too.

Firsty a rape is a rape a serious criminal offence be it martial or not. It is a damn offence surely. Marrige is not just a relationship two people follows it is considered as a sacred bonding of two persons two familes or maybe two cultures. It’s not like having lisence for sex no it isn’t. It is a rape if man wothout her lady’s permission even after marrige impose himself on other.Agreeing to you, its not only man’s fault,the problem itself lies within our own society. Men are taught to be strong more supurior than women in every aspects but this is totally wrong. The women are considered as goddess in our society. They are truely the symbol of power. Raising families,children,holding relationship like you said are truely symbol of women empowerment. This should be change – the perception about womens’ power,the cultures teaching foolish moral of man dominating over women everything like this.Every citizen be it man women old or youngs have equal rights and are equal so why these differences ? The tongues of some cannot decide the fate of any women niether her work or her silence. These people are not the judges judging and giving the only rights which suits them. To change all this we should be the change after all this is now our time to lay a more better path to upcoming generations.