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‘GENDER JUSTICE: a significant right’

“It’s not about equality, it’s about SUPREMACY”
In my opinion Gender Justice play a major role,basic right granted to every human female to live in dignity and freedom without any fear,which wittingly can be seen practiced.It promotes the equal share of work between men and women living under a same roof, social, economic and political. Men- considered to be a dominant head of family, taking every credit of work which he owns barely recognize the value of women. Because in the society where we regard ‘heterosexual’ for different and ‘homosexuals’ as same,and talk about their equality, their justice, do we really fulfill the respect, dignity and freedom demanded by women? No, because from ancient times they are entitled to do household chores and bring up the family! But this is high time now and women are filled with fury and rage! Not only women’s, men are also concentrated with higher demands placed by society in economical and political issues.Gender justice provides the greater freedom to all, equally.