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chitrakshi chauhan
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Education can be an essential key to tackling the issue of child marriage but not ending it. It can help the young generation to understand the situation of child marriage and empower them with the skills and knowledge they need to know to develop a lifestyle for themselves till their middle age. But it isn’t enough to stand against the complex social, cultural, and economic factors that forcefully lead to child marriage.
Child marriages are forced upon under-aged kids due to poverty, dowry, cultural traditions, religious and social pressure leading cause of these issues is overpopulation. Child marriage can accelerate overpopulation even more, studies have shown that a girl who marries at 13 years of age will have 26% more children than a girl who marries at 18 years or older these increased fertility rates contribute to overpopulation.
It is crucial to involve young boys and men to spread awareness of child education and gender equality as a means of the battle against child marriage.
In poor households, child marriages are mostly observed, that are initiated by the elders in the family regardless of literacy, without the consent and approval of the children. This perception of society should be changed, it won’t happen only through education but by understanding among people is foremost to discouraging child marriage, the understanding of protecting rural society from this vicious cycle which has been continued for decades despite it becoming illegal.
There have been many incidents where child marriage is substantiated but no reports get lodged whereas, if witnesses do come forward to complain, they are disregarded as corruption seeps into the system connecting a chain to all illegal activities taking place without any action being taken against them. Only when honesty and transparency are established in the system can a change be observed.
Although education and awareness are the best possible ways to end child marriage, it is not the only way, and it will take more than laws and anti-poverty programs to break this toxic practice.