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Gaurav Bhuimbar
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Protecting our rivers from pollution is not just our duty but also an moral obligation to us. Rivers are the vital resource that provide us with essentials like food, water and other stuff on which we rely for survival. They are also home to many plant and animal species.
Unfortunately our rivers are under constant threat from pollution. Industrial waste, agricultural waste and sewage are just a few of the sources of pollution that contaminate the water of rivers. This pollution can have a big impact on the ecosystem tthe river, killing the plants and animals disrupting the natural ecosystem.
As the responsible members of society we have a responsibility of protecting the rivers from pollution. It means reducing the use of use and throw plastics and proper disposing aof hazardous waste. It also means advocating our policies that protect our rivers such as making strict rules or increased funding for saving rivers from pollution.
Ultimately protecting our rivers from pollution also means saving ourselves and the environment. The well being of our future generations also depends upon our actions today. By working together we can save rivers from pollution and create a more healthier and sustainable future.