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Ritu Biswas
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Introduction:The pandemic COVID19 has resulted complete shutdown in educational institutions. So, a drastic change in mode of education happened with distinctive rise of e-learning. Online education comprises a mode of learning-teaching where knowledge is acquired through the instructions provided via computer-mediated communication.

Benefits: From beneficial ground, learning and teaching can occur at the times that are more convenient and productive for both students and teachers. Teacher can impart bountiful contents within lesser period of time. Students who are laconic by nature hesitate to interact with educator in classroom. In online mode, they find a comfort zone to become associative as well as inclined. Digital learning materials are visually stimulating, compendium and more interactive combined with features like surveys, polls, quizzes etc.

Setbacks: Some discrepant aspects include: difficulties of internet access in remote areas, a number of teachers are too pedantic to accommodate themselves with the advancement of technology. Moreover, various courses which require hands on experiences lack its authenticities in virtual platform.

Conclusion: In order to flourish digital education, Ministry of Human Resource Development launched some educational schemes like DIKSHA, epathsala, NROER(National Repository of Open Educational Resources), NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling), and other IT initiatives such as e-yantra(robotics education) which may become paradigms in the field of future learning.