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Ishika Rao
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We live in a society where sex and gender roles are assigned as soon as a child takes birth. Rather than treating the child as a person, family, as the first institution of socialisation starts moulding them into their respective gender roles to make them establish their identity in society and be “accepted” within it. When it comes to girls, they have since centuries played the roles of daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers and have never been given credit for the selfless works they perform as the nurturer and caretakers of their families. Women, however, also work at offices, and are paid for it. Do you know where the similarities lie between working women and housewives? Both do it for their family or their loved ones, but primarily for themselves. Yes, working professionally and domestically is their choice, and they take pride in it. Working outside to feed their families does validate them getting rewarded with money and material things, but what they do for their family is a form of a woman’s love for them, which can never be measured with riches. Paying money for what they do as housewives undermines their love and efforts for their family as it entangles them as an outsider, while also disregarding their choices to stay home as a nurturer of their family. Instead of money, what would make their efforts and love be acknowledged is by sharing household chores with them, complimenting them for their work from morning to night by thanking them, and trying to take care of them as much as they do.