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Rutanya Indu Scarlett
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The whole world has been informed of the word feminism and gender equality but have not been educated on those topics. To be honest feminism and gender equality are synonyms and go hand in hand. They contribute equally to the society we live in. Feminism on one hand has had negative conatation over the years. Almost most critics have found a pun in the word feminism thinking it a movement supporting women above men which is completely wrong, feminism is all about equality of every gender who have been subjugated to oppression and have been deprived of privilege and access to resources. Basically feminism is all about gender equality. In fact it’s nothing but gender equality. If you believe in this concept you are a feminist and being a feminist is not something to be made fun of it just States that you are a human being believing in the rights of other human beings. Who have been rejected of basic necessity of their rights.