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Drashti Mehta
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Women are human beings with the same rights and freedoms as men, the only answer should be “only if they have chosen to do so.” Some women may choose to stay at home with their children while others may prefer to work outside the home. Different women have different aspirations, goals, and circumstances that shape their choices.
Some women choose to stay at home and look after their children. There are many reasons why they choose staying at home – They want be actively involved in the kid’s upbringing and wants to provide all the love, care and attention that is necessary for the well-being. Some of them wants to be present in their child’s milestones, and want to fulfil their needs. While some women have to stay at home because of some cultures where the women are expected to prioritize family and children and give up on their dream and career.
But if a woman wants to go out and work, pursue their career, why isn’t it right? Why only men should go out work and pursue their career and why not women? Is it only the women’s responsibility to stay home and look after their children?
The fact is that men have all the right to do whatever they want, isn’t it also their responsibility to look after their children? I feel it’s equally their responsibility to look after their children as women have. It shouldn’t be always the women who takes care of the children even they need their own time and space. Time to do something for themselves, something for their own growth and something they love.
In recent decades, there has been significant progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. Once Michelle Obama said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” This is true a women can do whatever they want to do, women choose to pursue their career and balance their professional as well as personal life. They want to be financially independent and wants to support themselves and their families. They may find satisfaction in personal growth, professional achievement, and making a positive impact in their chosen field.