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NO, Not at all,
Women should not be expected to stay home and forgo their careers or look after their children.
Working moms have set an excellent example in the society that women can achieve great successes and also handle household as well as their children.
Working mothers are as involved as any other mother in their child’s life.
Gender roles have dramatically changed now, women are now better educated and has excelled their work domain.
The best example of working women is Mrs. Radha Vembu, the co-founder of ZOHO Corporation,
Today she is the majority stakeholder and the decision maker of her company.
She is an indian billionaire business woman graduated from IIT Madras who now excelled her career and is touching different heights.
She is considered as an invisible success of her company.
Radha Vembu has managed to position the product among the top five business e-mail providers globally, competing with Microsoft and Google.
Another brilliant living example of working woman is Mrs.Roshni Nadar, Chairperson of HCL TECHNOLOGIES,
She is the first woman to lead a public listed IT company.
Today she is considered as the richest woman in India.
She is now the mother of her two children as well as a leading businesswomen in the country.
This is the excellent example why women should not stay home and forgo their careers instead they should take step forward and pursue their careers and excel in every fields.
Wasting the talent is the hinderance to countries development as women are considered to be more talented than men.