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Aditya Raj
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Actually, there is a dual complimentary problem that exists in understanding of feminism. While feminists claim that they seek equality for all the genders, but in approach they discuss more in limited lens i.e women. This problem emerges due to the fact that since women have been subordinated by male dominated society, hence, being the victim, the position of women needs to be raised.
One could consider this an approach of tackling problem. But the problem is that feminists have not understood patriarchy as human subordination but rather as male domination. Why I say human subordination is because patriarchy uses both men and women for its purpose. It equally harms all the genders. And unless this becomes the consideration for feminism, there is going to be doubtful understanding if feminism really strives for equality for all the genders.
Even though they could be one of the best supporters when it comes to discussion of rights for LGBTQ community, but their negligence to men have always brought them in question.