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Tasneem Kauser
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Including self-defense in the school curriculum sends a powerful message.Girls have the right to defend themselves and deserve to feel safe. By providing equal opportunities for self-defense training, educational institutions promote gender equality and counter the narrative that girls are inherently vulnerable. Such inclusion instills a belief in girls that they are capable of taking charge of their own safety, thereby challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes.The knowledge that they possess the ability to protect themselves cultivates a sense of personal empowerment, encouraging girls to become proactive rather than fearful. As they gain proficiency in self-defense, girls develop a stronger sense of self-worth, assertiveness, and resilience, which positively impacts various aspects of their lives. Self-defense education fosters a sense of preparedness and empowers girls to navigate their surroundings with increased confidence.

By incorporating self-defense training into the school curriculum, girls are equipped with practical skills to defend themselves against potential threats. These skills encompass both physical techniques and mental strategies, enabling girls to assess risks, make quick decisions, and respond effectively in dangerous situations.