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Likki Aashritha
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As a young woman learning from others’ experiences, I believe men can play a powerful role in supporting gender equality and feminism in India. Here’s how they can get involved more interactively:

1. Speak up for Equal Opportunities: Men can actively speak up for giving women the same opportunities as men. For example, if they notice a qualified female colleague being overlooked for a promotion, they can raise their voice and support her. By advocating for fairness, they help create a more balanced and inclusive environment.

2. Be an Ally and Listen: Men can be allies by actively listening to women’s experiences and amplifying their voices. For instance, they can share articles or stories by women on social media platforms, helping to spread awareness and create dialogue. By being supportive and giving credit where it’s due, they can help shift the spotlight onto women’s achievements.

3. Challenge Stereotypes and Respect Boundaries: Men can challenge harmful stereotypes and behaviors. For example, they can stand up against derogatory jokes or comments about women. By treating everyone with respect and promoting positive interactions, they contribute to a culture of equality and respect.

4. Educate Others: Men can engage in conversations with fellow men, family members, or friends to educate them about gender equality. By sharing simple examples, such as encouraging equal participation in household chores or questioning traditional gender roles, they help broaden perspectives and promote change at a grassroots level.

Remember, every small step counts. By taking these actions, men can become valuable allies and contribute to a more inclusive and equal society in India.