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Edith Minz
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Child Marriages in general affects the physically and mental well being of a girl child.The girl who just turned 12 is burdened with responsibilities and chores, not able to enjoy her sweet childhood. Sometimes sold off as a bride in remote areas, the conditions of child still remains precarious.
Her reproductive health which is not even fully developed, has to go through harsh treatments and forceful behaviours by their husbands. This situation in today’s law and order is witnessed as sexual offences against a child. As a result she goes through pain and several diseases at a very young age. Mentally she’s traumatised and depressed, although accepted her fate she manages to remain a slave to her husband’s needs sacrificing her own. A child marriage often makes her to sacrifice all her dreams and aspirations for a future, a career that you and me desire to stand on our feet and be independent. From the starting education and employment opportunities is a distant dream for these young women, providing a lineage, an heir to the family, when their own dreams are shattered and unfulfilled. Government need to take stringent measures against child Marriages mere laws wouldn’t suffice for a developing nation for women.