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Agnes Rose Rony
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Menstruation is a natural process that pertains to vaginal bleeding and occurs at the end of the menstrual cycle that prepares the female body for pregnancy. On an average it is estimated that a woman needs 17,000 pads which is a significant cost to the environment. In India, almost 36% of women undergoing menstruation use disposable sanitary napkins every cycle and on an average, each female uses 6-8 pads per cycle. This itself turns into a total waste of 12.3 billion disposables. The most shocking fact is that this is the calculated average of India alone.
Today’s age requires the use of reusable menstrual products. The two available nowadays are menstrual cups and cloth napkins. Between these, menstrual cups prove to be more effective. Let’s see how.
Menstrual cups are made of silicone or medical-grade materials.
Compared to sanitary napkins, menstrual cups are eco-friendly, reusable and durable. This helps in reducing the cost one has to bear during the menstrual cycle. Certain studies conclude that menstrual cups leak significantly less and also help in preventing any odour as compared to sanitary napkins. Menstrual cups are easy to use as they can be used upto 8 to 12 hours while sanitary pads need to be changed every 4 to 6 hours depending upon the flow.
As it is inserted into the vagina, the use of menstrual cups need to be done carefully. It might be a problem to use the cup for the first time. But once it gets adjusted to the body, it feels like it isn’t even present! It takes around 1-2 cycles for one to get accustomed to the process of inserting and removing the cup. A menstrual cup needs to be sterilised before and after use.
Menstrual cups are becoming more popular nowadays as they are eco-friendly, reusable and durable. It is studied that a menstrual cup can last upto approximately 10 years!
Menstrual cups are a great choice for the environment and a cheaper choice in the long run. But if one doesn’t feel comfortable using a menstrual cup, a reusable pad is also a good choice. But despite everything, the choice between a menstrual cup and a sanitary napkin is completely based on individual preferences.