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apeksha tanwar
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It is completely true that the approach of relying solely on rote learning and regurgitation of information in exams is a topic of concern when discussing school education in India. This method, which often prioritises memorisation over comprehension, has been criticised for various reasons.
Firstly, this rote learning approach limits the development of critical thinking skills among students. Instead of encouraging independent thought and analysis, students are often trained to come up with the information without fully understanding its context. This hampers their ability to think critically, solve problems, and engage in meaningful discussions.
Secondly, such an exam centric system places undue pressure on students to perform well in standardised tests. The focus on memorisation and scoring high marks can lead to a narrow understanding of education, where success is measured solely by grades. This can create a competitive environment that may not foster creativity, or holistic development. Additionally, this method may not effectively equip students with the necessary skills for the real world. Today’s world demands individuals who can think critically, communicate effectively, work in teams, adapt to new situations, and demonstrate creativity. Rote learning alone may not adequately prepare students for these challenges. It is high time for a shift towards a more comprehensive education system in India. This includes a focus on developing critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and communication skills. By encouraging students to explore their interests, fostering a love for learning, and providing practical applications of knowledge, education can become more relevant and engaging.
Assessment methods should also evolve to assess a student’s understanding, and creativity, rather than just their ability to invent information. This can be achieved through a combination of exams, projects, presentations, and practical learning.
Teacher training and support are essential components of this transformation. Teachers need training and resources to adopt student centered teaching methods that promote critical thinking, creativity, and personalised learning experiences.
In conclusion, the prevalent approach of rote learning and exam centered education in India should be reconsidered.