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Vaishali Sidireddi
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In India, men have a significant impact on feminism and gender equality. They can help in the following ways:

Educate themselves: Men should begin by being knowledgeable about the problems Indian women face. Understanding the social, economic, and cultural elements that support gender inequality and discrimination is necessary for this. To learn more about these subjects, they can read books, articles, and research papers, go to workshops or seminars, and participate in conversations.

Challenge prevailing gender stereotypes: Men can speak out against gender norms that support injustice. They have the power to actively contest and reject ideas about masculinity that encourage aggressiveness, dominance, and control over women. Men may help build a more inclusive and fair society by fighting for equal rights and opportunities.

Men may utilise their advantages and positions to magnify women’s voices by supporting their voices. This may be done by highlighting the efforts and accomplishments of women, hearing their viewpoints, and giving them chances to take the lead and participate in decision-making. Men may take an active interest in the experiences of women, acknowledge their worries, and seek to create environments where women feel free to express themselves.

Men may actively contribute to the fight against gender-based violence in India. Any sort of aggression or harassment, whether it takes place in public or private areas, can be condemned and denounced by them. When they safely step in to stop acts of violence or harassment, males can practise bystander intervention. Additionally, they can aid organisations and projects that aid victims of gender-based violence.

Be equal partners at home: Men can dispel the myth that women should only be responsible for caring for the home and other people. Men may actively support gender equality within their own families by actively sharing domestic tasks, childcare obligations, and decision-making responsibilities at home. Future generations will be inspired by this, and it also contributes to ending the cycle of gendered expectations.

Men can participate in advocacy activities to advance gender equality at a systemic level and push for legislative reforms. They can advocate for gender-inclusive legislation, support and work with organisations that promote gender equality, and take part in campaigns and efforts to address issues including equal pay, workplace discrimination, and women’s empowerment.

Promote respectful interactions: In both their personal and professional lives, men may encourage women to have respectful, equitable relationships. This entails treating women with respect, empathy, and decency as well as aggressively opposing sexist or offensive language or actions. Men may urge their peers to be allies by having constructive conversations with them about gender equality.

It’s crucial to remember that promoting gender equality and feminism is a lifelong endeavour that calls for constant introspection, growth, and action. Men may help make India’s society more inclusive and equal by taking an active role in these initiatives.