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Devika Bajaj
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This statement is not true.
In traditional times, the role of the women was just to give birth to children and do household work. In every society in the world, the mother is the primary caregiver to their family and the father has the job of putting the food on the table. But in the 21st century a women has many roles, at home she is a gentle and loving caregiver while at her workplace she is a hardworking and dedicated worker.
Even though there will be times when she might be distressed and might bring some of the pressure of her workplace to her home that doesn’t mean that it will hinder her child’s development. The children who are well developed comes from happy homes, free from emotional and financial stress, where parents have positive attitude towards each other and respect each other and it doesn’t depends on the mother’s working situation. A working woman can easily manage and raise her children by maintaining a proper work life balance and a routine for their children.
It also promotes open minded thinking in their minds when they see their mothers not sticking to the gender stereotypes and creates a sense of pride among them.